Devin Middlebrook
for City Council

identity / print / Social media / website

How do you get a young candidate elected?
Be different. Be energetic. Be transparent.

Devin is young, nearly 30 years younger than all of the city council members. What he lacks in experience he more than makes up for with new ideas, energy, and enthusiasm.


A logo that stands out

After getting a clear idea of what he stood for and what platform he was running on, we started working on a logo. Using classic political colors with a modern hue, we created an angled logo that evokes energy and excitement, immediacy and hope. The logo stood apart amongst a sea of standard serif type and navy blue or red backgrounds.

Pendulum can do it all from design to strategy. It was great having one person be able to deliver a comprehensive marketing plan and the graphics to accompany it. His project management skills made the process of campaign development very smooth. I would highly recommend Pendulum to anyone looking for innovative design and marketing.
— Devin Middlebrook, South Lake Tahoe City Council

Designing a winning campaign

After establishing the logo and look & feel, we created social media covers, newspaper ads, yard signs, and instagram posts to reach a large demographic of young, tech-savvy voters. Again, using a modern color scheme and very graphic and bold illustrations, we set Devin apart from his opponents.


Icons speak volumes

We created an icon set that touched on each issue that Devin was advocating for. Set inside a comment bubble shows that he is listening and wanting to have a dialogue with the voters.

DMArtboard 3@2x.png

Leveraging Instagram

With a young, tech-savvy audience, we chose to leverage social media to further connect to the voter base. Each icon was used as an instagram post with his stance on that issue along with event posts to get more people out to meet and talk with him. 

DMArtboard 6@2x.png

Transparency is key

We wanted to give Devin a platform to voice his opinions on key issues. By creating a blog that he could upload content to as needed, his positions on these key issues were easily accessed by voters.